We want to simplify internet

It is with this aim that we carry out all our tools

Pimagic free online photo editor

Orson is a manufacturer of efficient website. It allows to create a professional website without any technical skill. Quick to get familiar with, all sites created with Orson are with a responsive design , an elegant style and your colors .

Pimagic is an online image editing tool. It is a photoshop light coupled with instagram. Indeed , it offers basic photo editing functions and offers numerous filters to sublimate the photos in minutes. It's completely free !

Responsive design testing tool
Bootstrap Magic

Piresponsive allows you to rapidly check the final result of your website on smartphones and tablets. You can check whether your website is responsive or not. It's the best to do... knowing that Google now downgrades all the non- responsive sites.

Mainly for developers, Boostrap Magic allows you to create your own bootstrap themes. You can customize all colors including icons to generate HTML templates, CSS and fonts...